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Verify who's sending you emails! Our Verified Email product lets you see which messages are from Verified senders and auto reply to Unverified senders, asking them to verify. It reduces noise in your inbox so that you can focus on the messages that matter most.

Note: Verified Email is not a security app. It does not scan for malware or identity spam or phishing emails. For legal materials, please see our Verified Email Privacy Policy, Verified Email Terms of Use., and Google API Policy.

How It Works

You become a Verified sender and connect your email account.

First, you get verified — it takes less than 30 seconds. This will make you a Verified sender, so messages you send will show up as Verified to all Unum ID recipients.

Next, you connect your email account — it's as simple as signing in with Google or Microsoft. This will let you use Unum ID to verify who's sending you emails.

Once you've done this, you'll get a cool Verified badge for your email signature:

When you receive a message, Unum ID shows whether the sender is Verified.

On Gmail, there are labels:

On Outlook, there are folders:

You can see and respond to all messages like usual, but you can also choose to see only Verified ones if you prefer.

If the sender is Unverified, your account auto replies, asking them to verify.

A sender can verify in less than 30 seconds, and they only need to do it once.

The auto reply looks like this:

Liam (a Founder of Unum ID) then follows up directly with the sender, giving them a verification link.

When the sender verifies, Unum ID updates all messages from that sender.

You don’t need to do anything! You’ll just see the changes automatically reflected in your inbox.


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