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The ID Card Network

Unum ID's ID card network is a marketplace for verified identify data, shared with full user consent. Every company in the Unum ID network is an issuer, merchant, or both. Issuers have verified identity data about users, and relying parties use that data to verify user identities.

  • Issuers issue ID cards to users.
  • Relying parties accept ID cards to verify users.
  • Relying parties pay issuers, and Unum ID takes a cut.

In the example below, the home insurance company DelmarBluett (the issuer) uses Unum ID to make the DelmarBluett mobile app a virtual ID card that stores the user's verified identity data, securely on his device. This user wants to sign up for the home rental service Rentd (the relying party). To do so, he just:

  1. clicks Verify with DelmarBluett,
  2. agrees to share his data, and
  3. passes a biometric check in the DelmarBluett app.

Rentd receives his verified DelmarBluett data and uses it to instantly create a pre-approved account so he can start renting his home immediately. Rentd pays DelmarBluett for the data, and Unum ID takes a small cut.

Everyone benefits from this. DelmarBluett earns revenue and becomes essential to the user beyond its main insurance business. The user signs up painlessly, without the hassle of manually entering and verifying data. And Rentd instantly onboards a new user with a verified identity, for a fraction of the usual cost. To verify the data from scratch would cost more, and it would be difficult for a small company like Rentd to reach the high standards of verification that a large insurance company like DelmarBluett has.

Continue with 1-Click: With Unum ID, a merchant can onboard a new user with a verified identity in less than 10 seconds.

For issuers

Become essential to your users.

Your company is sitting on a gold mine of verified user data. Unum ID lets you put that gold to use. It transforms your mobile app into a virtual ID card that stores a user's data securely on their device. This empowers the user to easily prove who they are to sign up for new services. You'll earn revenue from relying parties and become essential to your users far beyond your main line of business.

Crucially, a user's data is only shared with their full consent. Unum ID's Encrypted Domain architecture ensures ultimate privacy and security.

Earn revenue for verified data
Nearly every company, across every industry, needs verified identity data. They pay you for it!
Become essential to users
Turn your gold mine of verified data into an essential identity service users can't go without.
Achieve ultimate privacy and security
Data is only shared with full user consent. It's encrypted so that only the user and entities they share it with can decrypt it.

Instantly onboard users with verified identities.

Avoid slow, expensive identity verification processes. People who want to sign up for your service already have verified identity data with other organizations. With Unum ID, you can request that data to instantly onboard those users, for a fraction of the usual cost.

Watch the speed comparison video below to see just how lightning fast sharified identity truly is.

Remove all friction from signup
Lightning fast onboarding your users will love.
Dramatically lower costs
Verifying user identity from scratch is expensive.
Benefit from higher verification standards
Many issuers are regulated institutions with very high standards. Benefit from the hard work they've done.

Did You Know?

You can use Unum ID within your company for passwordless authentication. See Passwordless Auth for more.

Show Me How

Ultimate Privacy and Security

The magic of Unum ID is that we coordinate sharing of verified identity data, but we never have access to the data. A user's data is encrypted before it's sent to us, and only the merchant can decrypt it. This is the power of our Encrypted Domain approach.

The diagram above shows an example of how this works. The issuer has added the Unum ID Mobile SDK to its app. When the user shares their data, the SDK encrypts it so that only the relying party can decrypt it. This is done locally, on the user's device, leveraging the trusted execution environment (TEE). The encrypted data is sent to the Unum ID Identity Engine cloud, which routes it to the merchant. The relying party then decrypts the data using the Unum ID Server SDK. This is also done locally, on the relying party's server.

Unum ID uses end-to-end encryption throughout. Standard encryption like TLS applies to the data in transit and at rest, but another layer of encryption ensures that Unum ID never has access to sensitive user data. Only the relying party, which the user explicitly agrees to share their data with, can decrypt that data. We built this solution from the ground up to achieve ultimate privacy and security.

How Unum ID Stops Account Takeover

Learn how our technology prevents account takeover attacks like phishing, SIM swapping, and credential stuffing. The short answer? We eliminate shared secrets. There's nothing to intercept.

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