Unum ID helps secure our democracy.

Be Heard uses Unum ID to verify users are constituents, not bots or foreign actors.

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Government: Proof of Constituency

Be Heard uses Unum ID to verify constituent identities.

Be Heard is a civic engagement platform that lets people contact representatives in government. It uses Unum ID to let them do so as verified constituents. Try it yourself below.

Unum ID is used by people across 48 U.S. states
Every geographic region and demographic.
Unum ID protects against bots
Bots are wreaking havoc on our politics, and everyone knows it.
Unum ID works across all channels
Mobile and desktop websites, apps, Chrome extensions, chatbots, and more.
Nationwide Usage

Unum ID is used by thousands of people across 48 U.S. states.

Many technologies only cater to a small slice of the population, but identity tech must work for everyone. Be Heard has users across a huge range of locations and demographics, and those users have proven they're consituents with Unum ID.


Unum ID helps secure our democracy against bots.

Everyone knows about the problem of bots in politics. Identity fraud is wreaking havoc on our democracy. Fake accounts on social media are fueling misinformation campaigns, and fake messages are flooding representatives and federal agencies, drowning out the opinions of real Americans. For example, the FCC recevied 21.7 million public comments about net neutrality in 2017, but Pew Research found that a shocking 94% of them were fake or duplicate.

By using Unum ID to verify users as constituents, Be Heard helps stop bots, lobbyists, spammers, and foreign agents from drowning out the voices of real people. Unum ID is the app Putin doesn't want you to have.(We stop bots, so he doesn't like us.)

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Works Across All Channels

Unum ID verifies users as as constituents wherever they are.

Be Heard has a wide variety of products across many different channels. Unum ID integrates with all of them. There's a website widget, a mobile app, a petition, chatbots, and more. (Try the widget and petition above.)

Websites (desktop and mobile)
Try the embeddable widget above.
Mobile app
In person
Sign the #SecureOurDemocracy petition above.
Chatbots (desktop and mobile)
See the list here.


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