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Instantly check that people are vaccinated against COVID-19.

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The Need for Proof of Vaccination

Even with COVID-19 vaccines, it will likely take all of 2021 to return to normal. Distribution will take a long time, and a large percentage of people say they won’t ever get vaccinated. Businesses will be unable to get back to full capacity unless they admit only vaccinated people or create "safe zones" for normal commerce. This requires a portable, fast, and inexpensive way to check that someone has been vaccinated, which traditional healthcare systems are unable to provide. This is the crucial need Unum ID fills.

Proof of Vaccination

Get back to 100% capacity,

Instantly check that people are vaccinated against COVID-19 and get back to full capacity. See our video demo below, and learn more by reviewing our slide deck and white paper.

Inexpensive: as low as $0.17 per check
We offer volume discounts and are open to custom contracts with large clients. See pricing details below, or contact our sales team at
Safe and sanitary
Everything is touchless. Verify proof of vaccination by scanning codes from six feet away or through glass.
Secure and non-transferable
Proof of vaccination is only usable by the exact person who received it. It's cryptographically tied to their device, protected by biometrics.
No personal data exchanged
You receive only a "yes" or "no" that the person has been vaccinated. There's no personal data and no liability.

How It Works

The video demo below explains how people get proof of vaccination and use it to enter businesses. It also explains how businesses sign up and start using the Unum ID solution. Learn more by reviewing our slide deck and white paper.

Works for All Organizations

Unum ID proof of vaccination works for organizations of all types and sizes, from stadiums to office buildings to mom-and-pop shops. All you need is an employee out front with a smartphone, scanning codes! Learn more by reviewing our slide deck and white paper.

Unum ID Technology

We specialize in state-of-the-art digital ID tech.

Unum ID technology allows people to store their identity data on their own device, under their control. We use cryptography and biometrics to make sure only one specific person can access and use the data. We store zero sensitive data in our database, and a person's data is only shared with their consent.

Proof of vaccination is tied cryptographically to a device and biometrically to the person who receives it. No one else can use it!
We use asymmetric cryptography with private keys stored in the secure hardware of a mobile device or its software trusted execution environment (TEE).
We store zero medical data. Businesses receive no PII when verifying proof of vaccination. A user’s data is stored only on their device and in their backups.
Unum ID proof of vaccination works for organizations of all types and sizes. All you need is an employee out front with a smartphone, scanning codes!


Proof of vaccination verifications (successful scans) cost as little as $0.17 each. You can pay as you go or pre-pay, and there are volume discounts according to the schedule below. We are open to custom contracts for large clients or those with special requests. Please email us at with any inquiries.

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What if a person loses their phone or gets a new one?

Not a problem. By default, the person’s app is backed up. If they lose their phone or get a new one, the app will be restored to the new device and everything will work like before.

Is the proof of vaccination data on the person’s phone sensitive? Is it secure?

No, it’s not sensitive. The proof of vaccination data is only a “yes” or “no” that the person has been vaccinated.
Yes, the data is extremely secure. The Unum ID app requires that the person has set up a device biometric and passcode. Even if they lose their phone, the data in the app is extraordinarily well protected.

Which devices is this solution compatible with?

The Unum ID app is compatible with all modern smartphones, both iOS and Android devices. The web portal can be accessed from any web browser, on any device.

Does this work for people without compatible devices?

Yes, people without devices will receive paper QR codes instead of digital ones displayed in the app. However, businesses can choose to reject these, as they can’t be guaranteed to be non-transferable.

Does scanning people’s codes require breaking social distancing rules?

No, the QR codes can easily be scanned from six feet away and through clear materials.


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