Unum ID Named in Insurtech Insights Future 50 Americas

Sharified digital identity solution awarded as one of the most innovative products in insurtech

SAN FRANCISCO - August 04, 2021 - Insurtech Insights announced that it has named Unum ID™ to its Insurtech Insights Future 50, a carefully curated list of rising companies driving innovation across the insurance industry. Unum ID placed in the top 25 of 50 early stage insurtech startups selected from among thousands across the Americas as being the most innovative ventures.

Insurtech Insights worked with Sønr, a leading marketing intelligence firm for the insurance industry, to evaluate thousands of insurtechs across the Americas. Startups were measured using the Sønr Index — a technology that scores companies on their propensity to succeed. The process included examining where employees studied, past involvement with startups or notable companies, known networks, and whether they are considered experts in their fields. Product evaluations included looking at patent registrations, customer problems overcome, and exceptional technology or experiences created. Overall startup performance assessment was drawn from a variety of growth metrics such as downloads, partnerships, investments and traction.

“Helping to drive seamless, secure user experiences that leverage a robust digital identity is a top priority for Unum ID for the insurance and financial services industry,” said Aidan McCarty, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of UnumID, “Trust and identity underlie every interaction online and we’re proud that our sharified identity solution solution makes rapid adoption of good digital identity an achievable reality.”

Thousands of insurtechs were whittled down to a shortlist of around 300 before the final Future50 were selected by a panel of more than 20 C-level judges. This award is the culmination of months of work researching and rating the most impressive insurtechs in the industry.

“Since launching Insurtech Insights in 2018, our vision has always been to surface exciting, talented insurtechs who are reimagining the future of insurance.” said Kristoffer Lundberg CEO of Insurtech Insights of the  Future 50 list, “We think these companies will shape the insurance landscape for a long time to come.”

Future 50 is the world’s most credible ranking of up-and-coming insurtechs. Download the book here.

About Insurtech Insights

Insurtech Insights is a global ecosystem aiming to connect industry leaders and decision makers with innovative startups who are challenging the insurance market. With a vision to foster debate around the most innovative technology topics impacting the insurance industry today, Insurtech Insights creates mutual business opportunities to accelerate growth. For more information, visit: https:/www.insurtechinsights.com/

About Unum ID

Founded in 2018, Unum ID is a decentralized identity platform that flips the current paradigm of digital identity on its head. Unum ID breaks down data silos to create a shared, verified source of truth. By mitigating massive centralized databases, instead storing data on each user’s device, Unum ID makes shared secrets, such as passwords and OTPs, obsolete. Unum ID’s sharified identity solution leverages biometrics and behavioral factors while embedding user consent and permission at every step of the process. Unum ID is backed by Franklin Templeton, Samsung, NEXT, and Draper Associates, was just named a Future50 company by InsureTech Insights, and is working with a number of Fortune 1000 companies to rapidly drive adoption of good digital identity. For more information, visit: https://www.unum.id/

Did You Know?

You can use Unum ID across companies (or business units) as a single source of truth for a user's identity. This is the true power of sharified identity™ — users can share verified identity data to instantly onboard to new services. See Sharified Identity for more.

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