Unum ID

The Future of Digital Identity


Unum ID = One Identity

You have 37 usernames, 4 emails, and 2 phone numbers. You complete 53 captchas, 21 ecommerce forms, and 16 two-step verifications. You use either 13 good passwords you can't remember or 3 bad ones you can. But there's only one you! You should only need one identity online, not hundreds of different accounts.

Privacy and security

Eliminating the need for central storage of personal data.

Unum ID is a decentralized identity platform, meaning each user's data is stored only on their device or in encrypted cloud backups they control. We store ZERO personal data on our servers. That's not a typo!

It's hard to overstate how radically different this is than traditional systems. Today, identity providers like Facebook and Equifax store personal data in massive, centralized databases. They serve as middlemen, creating inefficiencies in the market that make identity verification expensive. And they put everyone's personal data at risk. As the constant data breaches and hacks make clear, this system works for no one.



We value honesty, transparency, and clarity in communication. Discuss any problems openly and proactively. Be succinct and never let issues fester.


This goes hand-in-hand with candidness. No one knows everything — or even close. Always be humble in your approach and be willing to accept new points of view. Treat everyone with respect.


We value individuals that have a deep internal drive to create and to achieve — inside and outside of work. At Unum ID, we are motivated intrinsically by our vision and mission. We wake up every day excited to work toward a more unified and trustworthy digital world.


We believe in causality behind outcomes. If we failed to reach a goal, what could we have done better? If we succeed, why did we succeed? This also implies responsibility; if you mess up, own it, fix it, and learn from it. Always take action.


You must embrace challenges and refuse to give up. This is one of the best predictors of startup success and is fundamental to our team at Unum ID. We ask simply for the best work of your life, and we mean it.


Put simply, we reject all forms of excluding people for bad reasons. All team members must actively work toward creative an inclusive company. We will never discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or otherwise.

About Us

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Aidan McCarty

Co-CEO, Business Lead

Liam McCarty

Co-CEO, Technical Lead

Board of Advisors

Greg Rosston

Chairman of the Board, Stanford Federal Credit Union | Director of Public Policy, Stanford University

Dan Kolkowitz

Board Member, Stanford Federal Credit Union | Former CTO, Identity Mind

John deVadoss

Former GM, Microsoft Digital.

Kaliya Young

Co-Founder, Internet Identity Workshop.

Louise Kirkbride

Trustee, California Institute of Technology.

Tom Noyes

Former SVP, Citigroup and Wachovia | Former CEO, Commerce Signals

Chris Boscolo

President, lifeID Foundation | Former Chief Architect, WatchGuard Security

Nick Troiano

Executive Director, Unite America.

Scott Armanini

Former VP, Samsung NEXT.

Dan Lee

Former CRO, Coastal Community Bank.


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2 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA 94111
United States

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