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Company A issues digital ID card to user.

All it takes is 1 API call. The ID cards can encode any data about users.

Company A receives payment.

It splits the revenue with Unum ID, The amount depends on data types.

User verifies with 1-click using ID card.

They  review what data they're being asked for and click a button.

Company B asks user to verify identity.

They check if a user has matching data types for what they need.

Company B receives user's data and pays.

They check if a user has matching data types for what they need.


Aidan McCarty
Founder, CEO | Business Lead
Liam McCarty
Founder, CEO | Technical Lead


Greg Rosston
Chairman of the Board, Stanford Federal Credit Union | Director of Public Policy, Stanford University
Kaliya Young
Co-Founder, Internet Identity Workshop
John deVadoss
Board Member, Global Blockchain Business Council | Former GM, Microsoft Digital
Louise Kirkbride
Trustee, California Institute of Technology
Dan Kolkowitz
Board Member, Stanford Federal Credit Union | Former CTO, Identity Mind
Tom Noyes
Former SVP, Citigroup and Wachovia | Former CEO, Commerce Signals
Chris Boscolo
President, lifeID Foundation | Former Chief Architect, WatchGuard Security
Nick Troiano
Executive Director, Unite America
Scott Armanini
Assistant Professor, University of Southern California | Former VP, Samsung NEXT
Dan Lee
Partner, Debt Advisors Network | Former CRO, Coastal Community Bank


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